In the 1660s the Japanese shogunate introduced an uniform measurement as a result of the modernization of traditional Japan. Thus the pure sake was enjoyed in a , which corresponds in about 180 ml. Even today stands for the combination of traditional japanese craftsmanship with the dynamics of a modern Japan. stands for the close dance between culture and purity.

Japanese alcoholic drink made from fermented rice, which has been polished up to 70%. The flavor of Sake varies depending on different variables, such as polishing degree. Gō 合 Sake used 60% polished rice which makes it to a premium Sake.  In addition, Junmai has no added alcohol. 

The brewery Arimitsu (founded 1903) is surrounded by mountains and the ocean. In this environment where the time stopped for ages, this fabulous sake is created, by using traditional and natural ways of japanese craftsmanship, which take longer than usual but lead to much more tender and mellow sake tasting experience.