Made from high quality ingredients.

A century old tradition in hand made Sake.



We support with every sold Bottle!

NABU / Gō 合 Sake is supporting the great work of NABU in protecting the unique biotope of Lake Stechlinsee with a Sponsorship of  20.000 Square Meters, which are managed and protected by NABU to obtain this habitat for future generations. In  2012 The Global Nature Fund announced Lake Stechlin as the "Living Lake of the Year". 

ShareTheMeal is a crowdfunding smart-phone application to fight global hunger through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). It enables users to make small donations to specific WFP projects and to track its progress. As of June 2023, Gō  合 Sake has shared over 5..028 Meals to Children in Need. 

Japanese Food Culture / In 2013, the UNESCO registered Washoku (traditional Japanese Cuisine) as an intangible cultural Heritage, a social Custom handed down from Generation to Generation that expresses Japanese People’s respect for Nature. Gō 合 Sake is supporting little Sake Companies which produce their Sake with pure Ingrediences. 


Last Year (2020) we have stopped delivering Sake to our Partner Stores in Berlin by Automobiles and switched just to Bicycle and E-Delivery. The Counter shows the economized Kilometers. 


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Gō 合 Sake is made out of only three ingredients, which are produced in Japan.

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